Feb. 28, 2018
Researcher, Educator says campaign will focus on working class and education

LENOIR – Today, researcher and educator Dr. Art Sherwood announced his candidacy to represent District 46 of the North Carolina Senate.

“I am honored to announce that I am running to represent district 46 in the North Carolina Senate,” Dr. Sherwood said. “My wife Gwen and I have two children and seven grandchildren and it is out of deep concern for the world we are leaving behind for the next generation that I have decided to run for office.”

“I am disturbed by the legislature’s continued attacks on education and working families,” Dr. Sherwood continued. “Restoring North Carolina’s reputation for excellence in education is vital to ensuring the success of future generations, our workforce, and our economy. We must support education in our state by paying our teachers the salaries they deserve and giving our schools the funding they need.”

Having worked closely with those impacted by spinal cord injuries and disabilities, Dr. Sherwood also has a deep understanding of the importance of expanding affordable health care.

“By refusing to expand Medicaid, the leaders in Raleigh have let down our state’s most vulnerable citizens,” Dr. Sherwood continued. “Quality, affordable healthcare should be a right, not a privilege, but Republicans are far too focused on protecting themselves to protect the North Carolinians they purport to represent. No one should have to make the decision between life-changing treatments and providing for their families.”

“It’s time to break the majority and bring reason back to Raleigh .” Dr. Sherwood concluded.

Senate District 46 includes Avery, Burke and Caldwell counties.