July 25, 2016

State Senate candidate asserts that Christian faith requires a focus on the poor, positive campaigns and a servant’s heart

LENOIR, N.C.  – Art Sherwood, the Democratic candidate for North Carolina Senate District 45, today issued a position paper on applying the Christian faith in politics and governing.  The paper is available on his campaign website.

Art Sherwood
Art Sherwood

He explained, “While political leaders applying – and debating – Christian faith is as old as the republic, the legislation passed by the Republican-led North Carolina General Assembly and Governor Pat McCrory cause pain to our state’s most vulnerable citizens. This is not only inconsistent with the Gospel, it undermines it. We live in perilous times. That is why it is more important than ever – for our nation and for Christianity – that we properly apply our faith in the public square.

“Indeed, this is the single most important reason why I decided to seek office. Fearful that our political system is being corrupted and concerned that our Christian faith is being undermined by those wishing to impose a theocracy, I concluded that it was time to continue my lifetime of service, based in my understanding of Christianity, within the political realm.”

Sherwood continued, “First, let me clearly state that no political party can claim to represent Christianity.  That does not mean, however, that I cannot let my Christian faith guide me as I seek to care for others in whatever I do, including serving as a state senator. It is my view that, because of my Christian faith, I am called to show preferential concern for the poor and vulnerable; run a positive campaign; and, upon election, govern with a servant’s heart.”

He added, “So, I unapologetically support universal health insurance with a single-payer system. I will fight to restore voting rights by eliminating voter suppression laws and working to end gerrymandering by establishing an independent commission to draw federal and state representative districts. I will vigorously defend all levels of public education. And, I take seriously the stewardship of creation by supporting a moratorium on fracking and supporting alternative energy sources.”

Sherwood concluded, “Our people, our communities, our state, our nation, our faith and our world all demand of us that we live authentic Christian lives. It is not easy to do, especially in the realm of politics. It is not easy to do so when governing in a republic, with so many voices and so many needs. But it can be done. It must be done. That is why I will always strive to be a ‘Compassionate Servant and Effective Leader’ in the North Carolina State Senate.”

Senate District 45 includes five counties – Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Caldwell and Watauga. Sherwood is a resident of Caldwell County. The General Election will be held on November 8.



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