Sherwood Expresses Dismay at Ballard’s Failure to Repudiate Trump

Democratic State Senate candidate says silence is consent; call again for debates so that voters can hear from both candidates

August 12, 2016

LENOIR, N.C. Art Sherwood, the Democratic candidate for North Carolina Senate District 45, today expressed dismay that his opponent, Deanna Ballard, has failed to repudiate Donald Trump’s belittling attacks against the parents of a soldier Killed in Action in Iraq in 2004.

Art Sherwood

Art Sherwood

Sherwood said, “Two weeks ago – on July 31 – I called upon Ms. Ballard to take a stand consistent with North Carolina values and repudiate Mr. Trump. Since then, the GOP standard-bearer continues to make stunning statements, such as his recent comments in Wilmington that many have interpreted as a thinly-veiled nod to his followers to assassinate Hillary Clinton if she is elected. Trump said, ‘Hillary wants to abolish – essentially abolish the Second Amendment. By the way, if she gets to pick, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.’”

Sherwood said, “Many leading Republicans, including U.S. Senators Susan Collins of Maine, Mark Kirk of Illinois, Ben Sasse of Nebraska, and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina have said they will not vote for Trump. In the House, Republican Representatives Scott Rigell of Virginia, Richard Hanna of New York, Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania and others also say they won’t vote for their standard-bearer. They have been joined by Republican governors John Kasich of Ohio, Larry Hogan of Maryland, and others.”

Observed Sherwood, “These are true leaders. They have put the nation above party. They have demonstrated courage because they have spoken out. Meanwhile, my opponent says nothing, at least that we have seen. If she has, we welcome an opportunity to see it. If she has not, though, as we suspect, than I can only conclude that she agrees with Mr. Trump and supports his hateful, divisive and dangerous comments. As I said on July 31, silence is consent.”

Sherwood referenced a column recently written by journalist E.J. Dionne, in which he wrote,  “Trump could falsely claim that Obama was born abroad, but that wasn’t enough to disqualify him. He could call Mexican immigrants ‘rapists,’ but that wasn’t enough to disqualify him. He could lie repeatedly – about, for example, whether or not he had met Vladimir Putin and whether he had opposed the Iraq War – but that wasn’t enough to disqualify him. He could call for a ban on Muslim immigration to the United States, but that wasn’t enough to disqualify him. He could make degrading comments about women and mock people with disabilities, but that wasn’t enough to disqualify him.”

Sherwood observed, “Mr. Dionne has raised an implicit question: Is there anything that will disqualify Mr. Trump from being president or even being the party’s nominee? It would appear, for Ms. Ballard, that the answer is ‘no.’ If that is the case, she is out of step with the reasonable voices of her own party, and certainly out of step with North Carolina values.”

He added, “That is why I again call upon Ms. Ballard to disavow Donald Trump and also debate me. She agreed in principle to debates when we spoke briefly at the Blackberry Festival. I think it is time our campaigns work together to schedule those debates. We are willing to meet anywhere, at any time, on any date not in conflict with our mutual schedules as of today, at any neutral location convenient to citizens.”

Sherwood concluded, “Our campaign has been transparent. On our website, I have stated my positions on vital issues and through news releases. I am traveling the district and listening to our neighbors, many who are suffering as the result of the regressive tax and budget policies of the Raleigh Republicans leading the General Assembly. I believe in transparency. Our citizens deserve leaders who will speak to the issues, not remain silence in the face of gross injustice. That has been the case in North Carolina under the Republicans for too long now. I say enough is enough. We need people who are ready, willing and able to serve now. I am.”

Senate District 45 includes five counties – Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Caldwell and Watauga. Sherwood is a resident of Caldwell County. The General Election will be held on November 8.


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