Sherwood Praises Workers, Slams GOP for Assault on Working Class

N.C. Senate candidate calls for renewed commitment to the working class this Labor Day 

September 3, 2016 

LENOIR, N.C. Art Sherwood, the Democratic candidate for North Carolina Senate District 45, today called for a renewed commitment to the working class by the Democratic Party and their traditional labor allies. He also praised the working class and pledged to fight the GOP assault upon working class rights.

Art Sherwood

Art Sherwood

“Should the people of our five-county district entrust me with the privilege of serving them in the North Carolina State Senate, they can rest assured that I will do all that I can to fight for the working class which is the backbone of our region, state and nation. I will vigorously oppose the ongoing efforts by Governor Pat McCrory and the Republican-controlled General Assembly to rob workers of their rights and fair wages.”

Sherwood continued, “The Republicans have denied teachers and other public employees due process and, through the passage of House Bill 2, made North Carolina one of the most hostile states in the nation towards labor. Their scheme to prevent local municipalities from raising the minimum wage has not gone unnoticed.”

He argued, “Not only is this not in keeping with the rich tradition that labor has played in making the Tar Heel State great, it also does great harm to families. That is why, this Labor Day, I am emphasizing the honored role of labor and promising that I will strive to ensure that the Democratic Party in North Carolina makes championing labor rights a top priority.”

He noted, “North Carolina is a so-called ‘Right-to-Work’ state. Well, let’s look at what happens to families in those states. Household incomes are $535 less per month than in states that protect labor; workers and their children are more likely not to have health insurance; more working people and their children live in poverty; states spend less per student on education; workplace deaths are 36 percent higher; and, wages are lower.”

Sherwood observed, “As I travel the district’s counties, the valuable role that labor has played in making our communities what they are is everywhere. However, it is also true that, sadly, the effects of reliance upon a mono-economy can be seen also in shuttered factories and closed stores. We must not forget the first and never again allow the second.”

He continued, “Let us not forget that Caldwell County was built by blue-collar workers that built the railroads that hauled the timber that became furniture at the hands of factory workers. Let us not forget the hard work of farming, which remains a crucial part of the High County’s economy. Let us not forget the caring teachers, assistants, support personnel and administrators who pour their lives into our children despite their long days and low wages. We must remember the role of those enriching our lives through the arts, crafts and music. We must remember those folks having to hold down two jobs – often without any benefits – just to feed their children.”

Concluding, Sherwood asserted, “We must remember that it is the working class that built our homes, our communities. That is why I will fight for collective bargaining; will oppose “business incentives” that excludes local workers; will support grants for the arts and crafts; will work with those seeking to diversify and expand our economic opportunities; and support alternative energy industries that will provide good-paying and rewarding jobs while weaning us from our dependence upon fossil fuels.”

Senate District 45 includes five counties – Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Caldwell and Watauga. Sherwood is a resident of Caldwell County. The General Election will be held on November 8.



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