The greatest need from our political leaders today is courageous and truthful leadership. The following issues must be addressed if North Carolina is going to abide buy it’s motto, “Esse Quam Videri” or “To be rather than to seem.”

Public Education
First, schools must be safe. Parents should be confident that their children will not come home from school in a box. Therefore, I support banning assault rifles and taking other steps to ensure that children’s lives are placed ahead of the interests of the gun lobby. I will strive to protect and strengthen our public schools so that North Carolina will again be a leader in public education. I will vigorously defend and support teachers and support staff; for instance, I support collective bargaining. And, I will work to see that we finally get serious about allowing local control, beginning where it matters the most – in the classroom.

Jobs/Working class needs and concerns
To provide decent-paying work that also provides dignity, we must avoid boom-and-bust mono-economies as we have done in the past; we must develop educational apprenticeships to create job opportunities that will keep young people in the area; I will work closely with arts/music communities to develop local cottage businesses; I will help farmers to develop sustainable, profitable crops such as industrial hemp; I will encourage alternative energy entrepreneurship through incentives and an incubator that would teach how to utilize alternative energies; and, I will work to provide a living wage, support collective bargaining and oppose “right-to-work” legislation

First, we must acknowledge that we do not have a healthcare system, we have an industry, with the profit motive making basic care unavailable to many citizens. Therefore I support a single-payer Medicare-like system for all. Universal health care is a basic human right.

Social Justice Issues
We must remain vigilant to protect our most vulnerable citizens. To that end, I support a progressive tax structure that demonstrates preferential concern for the poor, minorities, elderly, children and other vulnerable populations. I will also work to protect public health and the environment. I am a proud, long-time ally of the LGBT community and will vigorously defend their human rights. Finally, I know we must always work to protect voting rights.

We will tackle these difficult issues only with strong leadership. We will be successful only if we are civil with one another. That is why I promise “Principled and Reasoned Leadership.”